Chocolate Mini Rolls

Last year I baked along with The Great British Bake Off and really enjoyed it. Not only did I get to taste lots of delicious treats, but I learnt a whole range of new skills in the process. So when I heard the new series was starting, I jumped at the chance to do the same again.

I’m a little behind with my posts, but here is my offering from week ones technical challenge –  Chocolate Mini Rolls!

These were relatively easy to make, but it was the rolling part which got me. You really need to create tight rolls which was my downfall, so they ended up looking a little flat. But this didn’t ruin the taste at all. You just need to be confident with your rolling and don’t worry the sponge will crack. If you’ve got the sponge right in the first place, you’ll be well on your way!

I used the recipe on the Great British Off website from Prue. I followed her recipe exactly, apart from the use of peppermint extract which I just found bizarre! I was rather surprised to hear this was one of the listed ingredients on the programme as, to me, a mini roll is never mint flavoured. I swapped this out for vanilla extract and was very happy with the result.

Click here for the recipe and to give them a go yourself!

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