Review: Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer


January is, for many, a time of detox and healthy eating. I decided to jump on the bandwagon using this fantastic Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer supplied to me by the wonderful Steamer Trading Cookshop.

In the past I’ve only ever used spiralizers with a frame or base, never a hand held. This is probably why I’ve found them somewhat awkward and frustrating to use, and as such, I’ve shied away from using them. When Steamer Trading said they wanted me to review this product I was initially hesitant, but upon learning it was hand held I breathed a sigh of relief!

First impressions: it’s very well made, nice and sturdy; perfect for spiralling tough vegetables. Each end is an identical cone with a split blade inside, one end for wider strips, the other for thinner strips. It feels like using a pencil sharpener, which seems an odd thing to say, but it works like a dream. Looks wise, it’s very stylish and reminds me of an hour glass. It complements the decor of my kitchen well! Having said this, it’s small enough to pop away in to a cupboard until the next use, without clogging up your work surfaces. Plus you can’t go wrong for a very reasonable £19.99. Much cheaper than many of it’s competitors.

Bundled in the box is a circular spiked grip for pressing the vegetables into, which is very useful when you’re nearing the end of whatever it is you’re feeding into the slicer. 2 metal strips run down either side of the case, functioning as both a handle and a barrier so you don’t put your fingers in the way of your newly spiralled food!

I used it to make Cheesy Chicken with Tomato Courgetti, and it made the process so much quicker. I didn’t have to awkwardly set up a traditional spiralizer, making sure the veg was pressed in tight, not turning too quickly etc. I just picked up a courgette in one hand, the slicer in the other and in seconds I was done. It creates lovely, long ribbons of courgette This is perfect for busy people as it doesn’t take up any of your time setting it up.

There are endless options for fruit and veg that you can spiralize. I made courgetti, however, as we are in the middle of a courgette crisis(!), this tool is also perfect with carrots, radish, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apples etc. Just make sure they’re cut to size and you’re away! It’s the perfect way to cut down on carbs and still enjoy a low-calorie ‘pasta’.

Cleaning up was easy, as the design is so simple there’s nothing to take apart and scrub. It’s also dishwasher safe so you can simply pop it in here and put your feet up to enjoy your spiralled creation! Highly recommended 🙂


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