Blackberry & Apple Crumble


The leaves have started to fall and it’s starting to feel like Autumn, so I thought what better way to greet the season than with a homely blackberry and apple crumble! I usually just stick to good old fashioned apple crumble, but thought I would add the blackberries while they’re looking so great at the moment (get picking!). Luckily a friend of mine has an apple tree growing in her garden, and the fields behind my home are awash with gorgeous blackberries. Make sure you don’t pick any red blackberries – they need to be a nice black like these…



I made crumble as a break from all the GBBO bakes; as much as I enjoy the challenge, it’s nice to bake something ‘because I fancy it’. I actually love making crumbles, they’re so simple to make and the results are always extremely delicious! You can also add any fruit that you fancy which makes them very versatile. No-one can say they don’t enjoy a crumble as they can be altered to suit anyone’s taste!

Instead of posting the recipe again, you can find my previous Apple Crumble recipe here, just balance out the 450g of apples, with some blackberries too.


Enjoy! X

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