Viennese Whirls #GBBO2


Week 2 – Biscuit week. This is more my style! So this week, I made Viennese Whirls and they were much more fun than last weeks Jaffa Cakes. Although my piping isn’t great (it’s a skill I’m working on!), you don’t have to be a professional piper for these to look presentable. I actually piped for the first time less than a year ago, so I’m practising!

This time, I used a recipe by The Hairy Bikers which you can find here as I thought their pictures most resembled a traditional Viennese Whirl. So hopefully mine aren’t too far off theirs. I’ll post the recipe up here too so that it’s easy to find. For this one, I used my kMix as well, which was nice to use again after last weeks disaster!

So what is there to note about making these?

  • You need to make sure your mix is smooth enough before putting it in to your piping bag. If it’s too stiff then it won’t come out nicely when you begin piping and will get stuck. Mix it for a little longer if it’s too stuff.
  • I would suggest putting your piped whirls in to the fridge for around 5 minutes before baking them. This will just ensure they keep their nice swirl and don’t melt and become flat. Nice tip stolen from Bake Off here!
  • They’re quite crumbly when cooked so make sure you’re not needing to pick them up too much when decorating!

For me, this recipe made 28 individual whirls, so 14 viennese whirls when sandwiched together. Perfect with a nice cup of tea 🙂

For the whirls
250g very soft butter
50g icing sugar (plus extra to decorate)
250g plain flour, sifted
50g corn flour, sifted
½ tsp vanilla extract


For the filling
100g soft butter
200g icing sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
75g raspberry jam


5cm cutter
2 disposable piping bags
Large star piping nozzle

Pre-heat your oven to 190°C/170°C fan.

You can use a good old bowl and wooden spoon, or a mixer for this. Start by beating your butter until soft and smooth. Then add your icing sugar and mix well until light and fluffy.


Next, sift in your plain flour and corn flour. Add the vanilla extract and mix until well combined. You may need to scrap down the sides of your bowl as you go to ensure no mix is left out.


Now you need to get some greaseproof paper and line your baking trays (I used 4 trays), but as I said, the dough makes 28 individual whirls so make sure you have enough space for that many! I used a 5cm cutter and drew 28 spaced out circles so all my whirls were uniform in size. Make sure you turn your paper over after you have drawn out the circles so it’s pencil side down.


Spoon your mixture in to a piping bag with a large star nozzle attachment. Pipe 28 rosettes in your marked out circles.


Chill your whirls for 5-10 minutes in the fridge. Then bake in the centre of the oven for 13-15 minutes until pale golden brown and firm. Don’t take them off the baking tray straight away as they will crumble. Instead, leave to cool on the tray for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire cooling rack. You may need to cook your whirls in batches as there will be quite a lot!


Now on to the filling. Put your jam in a bowl and stir until smooth and easy to work with.

Beat together your butter and icing sugar. Add the vanilla extract and beat until smooth and very light. Then add to a piping bag, again with the large star nozzle.


Spoon a little jam on to half of your whirls (on the flat side). Making sure you don’t go right to the edges.


Pipe a buttercream rosette on to the flat side of the other half of the whirls.


Sandwich the whirls together. I think they look nicest with the buttercream side on the top.


Finally, dust a little icing sugar on top of the whirls for a finishing touch.



Here’s a photo of me enjoying one…


These are definitely worth making as they taste amazing and are great as a teatime snack. I also found them easier to make than the jaffa cakes. Not so technical after all!

Enjoy – Bring on bread week! X

2 thoughts on “Viennese Whirls #GBBO2

  1. Love your post! Yours turned out so well! I am like you and think I need to work on my piping skills, although must say your look fab and your way better than me!! 🙂 excited to see how your bake off challenge goes to! I’m loving baking something different each week!! Bring on cake week! X


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